Southern Plains - El Reno, OK (LTAR)

Status - Retired

Location - The El Reno National Wind Erosion Network is managed by the USDA Agriculture Research Service Grazinglands Research Laboratory, which contributes to the Long Term Agro-ecosystem Research (LTAR) network. This site is location in El Reno, Oklahoma in Central Oklahoma. The site is approximately 50 km west of Oklahoma City and is at an elevation of 420 m above sea level.

Climate - The El Reno Network site has a temperate sub-humid climate. Winters are cool and dry, summers are hot and wet, fall is cool and wet, and spring is warm and wet. Average annual precipitation is 815 mm; 70% of precipitation occurs in spring and summer. Average air temperature ranges from 0.5°C in January to 30°C in August.

Vegetation and soil - The primary vegetation within the site is winter wheat with annual grasses and brome. The soil type is unknown as no research has been done in the field of interest.

Management - This site has been no-till winter wheat since the early 2000s. Planting and fertilization of winter wheat occur in September and then another fertilization occurs in February before the growing season begins.

Site Contact - Daniel Moriasi


Photos of the El Reno Grazinglands Research Laboratory (LTAR) Network site looking toward the historic Fort Reno (left) and across neighboring pastures (right).