Data Submission


The primary aim of the data submission process is to ensure standardization of all primary (raw) data, data products, and documentation managed and distributed by the National Wind Erosion Research Network.

Contributor feedback is critical for achieving data standardization and an effective data management system. If any aspect of the data submission protocols seems inefficient, error-prone, or confusing, please discuss it with the Information Manager.

What to Submit

The purpose of the Network database and archive is to provide long-term storage and management of primary data collected as part of Network core measurements and related activities. As such, derived and calculated parameters will not in the first instance be available through the database and mechanisms will not be in place to handle secondary (processed) data products that do not constitute core or supplementary measurements detailed in the standard methods protocol (found on Documents page). Provision can be made for supplementary methods to be included where they constitute primary data that has been subject to quality assurance and quality control procedures. Investigators are encouraged to consult with the Information Manager prior to submitting data products for the first time to ensure than an appropriate management system is in place for that data.

Meteorological data collected for the Network will in general be communicated directly to the Network server and made available through the Public Data Products page.

All core measurements for the Network, including site management records, vegetation measurements, and sediment sample weights, should be submitted to the Data Submission Portal.

Supplementary measurements, described in the Standard Methods for Wind Erosion Research and Model Development, should be submitted if collected.

When to Submit

Data should always be submitted at the investigator's earliest convenience to minimize the possibility of information loss as memories fade, data sheets become misplaced, and workers move on to other projects. Data release commitments (see Data Access Information) will be met regardless of when the data are actually submitted.

As a general guideline, investigators are asked to submit monitoring data as soon as it is obtained:

  • sediment sample data – monthly as collected
  • vegetation data – quarterly as collected
  • site management records – as collected (for any management event or change)

How to Submit

Investigators should follow all data naming and formatting protocols to avoid content and formatting issues, saving everyone time and trouble. If in doubt, investigators are encouraged to contact the Information Manager both prior to collecting data and data submission.

The web-based data submission application should be used whenever possible.  Contributors must submit vegetation and MWAC data using scanned pdf forms, while site management and maintenance records may also be submitted in Excel format. Network data forms can be accessed at:

Data Recording Sheets

Once formatted, data files and documentation can be uploaded in several ways:

After your submission is received, the Information Manager will contact you to confirm any incomplete or missing details and establish a time frame for uploading processed files.